Scientific breakthroughs are the result of uncovering hidden relationships and pioneering new frontiers of knowledge. Yet, the current methods to explore scientific literature often fall short, missing out on crucial insights. Step into a realm of unparalleled discovery where our revolutionary approach uncovers emerging trends and predicts the future of scientific concepts and ideas.

Model & Identify

We start by modeling & identifying concepts from language, not anchored to legacy bibliometric analysis

Trend Evolution

We show how individual ideas are evolving – this captures emergent creation of new knowledge when concepts create relationships

Concept Prediction

We forecast where concepts & trends will be in the future on +1, +3, +5 year horizons – this enables an early view into previously unseen insights.

Use Case: Proteomics

What if we could predict the future? We applied our best-in-class AI engine to proteomics publications and forecast the trends shaping the tomorrow’s knowledge.

Unlock Innovation with Data-Driven Insights

Illuminate insights that were not previously there

We anticipate where ideas are going to be in the future by allowing the content of ideas to point to important relationships. We serve up the “dos” and “do not dos” for decision making by revealing adjacent possibles across diverse data. The future of data is about relationships.