How do you keep up when the world is changing faster every day? is a leader in artificial intelligence innovation, developing cutting-edge solutions that address complex challenges across multiple industries. We are redefining the data overwhelm problem by uncovering critical hidden relationships that will shape the future of your industry. We give you a powerful new way to digest unstructured data in your field of knowledge and understand which combinations of ideas are the newest and most actionable.


Unlock the key to mastering today’s markets: unparalleled insights from unstructured data.

Information from traditional data sources is dried up. To master the markets today, one needs unique and differentiated insights from unexpected places. Consilience leverages AI technology to wrangle the complexity of today’s markets to deliver unprecedented insights at scale.


Are you missing out on scientific breakthroughs?

Scientists, researchers, and innovation leaders need better information, sooner. The problem is, it’s often the hidden connections between and within data that matter most— yet those relationships are, by their nature, hidden, evading the notice of most everyone. Even worse, the familiar tools for sifting through that data are built on decades-old algorithms that assume “popularity” equals “importance.” They tell you what everyone thinks. But you want to get ahead of the game.

Unlock Innovation with Data-Driven Insights

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